Interna Prima help you handle IT business issues so you can focus on your core businesses:

    • Converting Excel (or Google Sheet) to Application
      • Become commonly used application
      • Allow multi users and/or collaboration
      • Scalability and Performance
      • Better Automation
    • Implement Budgeting Planning Forecasting Application
      • Adopt pre-develop industry financial model: manufacturing, plantation, insurance
      • Choice of cloud and/or on premises arrangement
      • Use proven system implementation methodology for Budgeting Application
    • Use newer technology on your front end applications
      • Ready to use mobile application
      • Integrate with your core applications (ERP or custom database application)
      • Integration to Google map and Calendar

Challenges with Excel spreadsheets:

We’ve learned through experience – and heard from our clients – that Excel spreadsheets contain several common challenges:
Unreliable Excel financial model and unmanageable version control.
• When you lose the original creator, you lose the Excel maintenance support.
• The developed model does not fit your company objectives and/or industry anymore.
Performance issues appears when the data is getting large.
Integration with other applications have to be done manually.

We helped companies from start-to-finish in realizing the benefit of Excel to Application conversion (including budgeting/planning application): “drive strategy through to execution”

  • Predictability: Drive sustainable and consistent performance
  • FullView Visibility: Establish a clear picture of what’s impacting performance
  • Accountability: Equip people to take ownership of their performance outcomes
  • Alignment: Ensure all parts of the business are pulling in the same direction
  • Confidence: Make decisions from a common set of numbers and assumptions
  • Agility: Respond quickly to changing business needs

Our Services

Company Differentiator


Our Consultant and Management team are experts in the field of enterprise software application (ERP, application development, CPM, BI) and have plenty years of experiences in multi industries.

High Success Rate

Our projects have high success completion rate, show our commitment in delivering the project till the end.

Reasonable Cost

The fact that many of our clients continue to use our services for maintenances, reflect our costing is reasonable and client get right ROI.